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Hard Drive Upgrades

Is your Mac running S-L-O-W? Do you have a massive music or photo collection? If so, you may need to upgrade your hard drive or memory. Computerlab recommends having at least 30 gigs of available space on your hard drive in order to run efficiently. We stock hard drives from 500 gigs and up as well as solid state drives (SSD). These drives provide optimum performance and come with a two year warranty! Our price includes installation and OS.

RAM Upgrades

All RAM/memory upgrades come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY and installation is FREE! Call us for a quote, in most cases we can install while you wait – NO appointment needed.

Software Upgrades

Do you know what OS (Operating System) you are running? Do you want to upgrade to El Capitan but don’t know the system and hardware requirements? Call us and we can help!