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Apple Warranty Repairs

When you purchase a Mac, it comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty which covers all internal hardware as well as the labor for Computerlab to replace the hardware. That means no out of pocket expense for you!

Did you buy the extended warranty? You have 365 days from the date of purchase to get an additional 2 year warranty on your computer called Applecare. Not sure? Call us with your serial number, and we will be glad to look it up for you!

Out of Warranty Repairs

Even if you are not under warranty, you are in good hands at Computerlab. We have remained in business for 38 years by providing quality services at a good price. Whether you have a cracked display, an unresponsive trackpad, or your Mac won’t even power on, we’ll take care of you at a fraction of the cost. All technicians are Apple certified on all Apple equipment. With the friendliest staff in town and the lowest service labor rate, we are the Apple repair center of choice.

“Vintage” Model Repairs

With 38 years of Mac repair experience, there isn’t a Mac too old for us to fix. We aren’t like other places that will tell you to “just buy a new one” or “we don’t work on vintage machines.” At Computerlab, we can work on all Macs, from an Apple II to the new Macbook Pro with Retina Display. We understand that not everyone can buy a new Mac. Just because your Mac is a little older, it doesn’t mean repairing it is a lost cause.

Data Recovery

No hidden fees or deposits required. Don’t ship your computer or drive across the US for thousands of dollars–bring it to Computerlab. With sophisticated software we can reconstruct, recover, and sometimes even repair hard drives. Whether you have music, pictures, documents, or programs, let us recover your data.

Spills/Liquid Damage

Did your Mac get left in the rain? Did you spill a drink on your laptop? DON’T TURN IT ON and bring it to us! We will take your Mac apart, clean all the hardware, let it air dry naturally, and put it back together. This is the best way to see the magnitude of the spill and what parts are affected. We have a flat rate for our clean and dry service and a 75% success rate.